Sealing Jaws Optimize Package Quality & Productivity on Flow Wrappers

Sealing jaws on flow wrappers are not standard, universal components; they should be designed according to the unique features of your packaging operation. When you work with Greener Corporation, we integrate your machinery design and condition, packaging materials, seal integrity requirements, and other circumstances to design and manufacture sealing jaws that optimize package quality and productivity.

Custom Designed Sealing Jaw Designs

We have developed a wide variety of sealing jaw features and will recommend customized designs that solve current packaging problems, prevent future issues, and create production efficiencies you may not have thought possible.

sealing jaws
Serration Pattern

The serration pattern on your jaws should be designed for your packaging conditions. Greener can match your current serration profile or update serration geometry to improve results.

Easy Seal™️ Jaws

Easy Seal™️ jaws for heat seal and cold seal applications feature QUICK-CHANGE inserts that reduce sealing jaw changeover times, improve seal quality, and decrease parts costs.

Optional Easy Seal™️ FLEX jaw inserts accommodate the extra thickness at the fin seal fold to resolve problems with leakers and crushed or split seals.

Fracture Elimination Design (FRED)

Fracture Elimination Design (FRED) alleviates pressure on the leading edge of the seal, where the upper and lower sealing jaws first make contact, to prevent cutting and splitting of the package.

Seal Reduction Profile

Our Seal Reduction Profile reduces seal width to decrease film costs without sacrificing seal quality.

Sealing Jaw Materials

Greener corporation will recommend specialized materials to optimize performance or to provide other desired functional characteristics that are not available with basic steel jaws.

High Durability Stainless Steel sealing jaws resist wear and damage to help maintain quality seals.

Dura-Therm sealing jaws provide exceptional heat transfer and thermal consistency across the sealing face, and also provides flexibility and durability on our Easy Seal™️ FLEX jaws.

Kevlar® Composite sealing jaws provide a flexible, resilient sealing face on Easy Seal™️ FLEX for cold seal.

Project Development

Greener corp’s project development experts will help you create customized sealing jaw designs for packaging projects such as new film qualifications, changes in package size, and cross-platform sealing jaw standardization.

To learn how custom sealing jaws and technical support can improve your package quality and productivity, contact Greener Corporation. We provide integrated parts and technical services worldwide.



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