Flexible Packaging Materials Consulting

With the expansion of our Packaging Lab, Greener Corporation provides a broad range of consulting resources to help you select, test, run, and solve problems with sustainable and traditional flexible packaging materials on flow wrappers and vertical FFS baggers.

We work with packagers, materials converters, and machinery OEMs on topics such as:

  • New material selection guidance
  • Lab seal quality testing
  • New materials machine trials
    • In Greener’s Packaging Lab
    • On client’s wrapper or bagger
  • Machine adjustment and procedure updates
  • Redesigned formers, sealing jaws, and other components

Whether you need to improve results with existing materials or convert to new or sustainable structures, Steve Tucker, Greener’s materials expert, technical services manager Mark Green, and the rest of our team will help you determine which materials provide the best possible seal quality and productivity and to make the machine adjustments and component changes required for a successful conversion.

Flexible Packaging Material Consulting is just one part of our comprehensive, integrated strategy for improving packaging performance. Greener Corporation provides parts for cutting, sealing, and forming integrated with our technical service solutions to help you optimize package quality and productivity in your packaging operation.

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