Our History

The origins of Greener Corporation can actually be traced back to our great-grandfather, Joseph Wojtech, who opened a general purpose machine shop in Newark, NJ in 1912. Our grandfather followed in the trade in 1938, starting a toolmaking business that became one of the first companies to produce carbide tipped cutting tools.

Twenty two years later our father established Form Tool Corp. in Roselle, NJ and not long thereafter began making horizontal flow wrapper knives for a local biscuit bakery.

As demand for these knives increased and the business expanded he made the decision to drop all other product lines and concentrate exclusively on parts for packaging machinery. The company name was changed to Greener Corporation, and he joined forces with Noel Brown, who handled the sales and marketing side of the business.

Joseph Wojtech


In the 1970’s Greener played a prominent role in the switch from cellophane to polypropylene packaging film. The new material made packages more difficult to open, and high precision knives were required to make a serrated, or “zig zag,” cut.

Specialized, extremely accurate grinding machinery was necessary to manufacture these knives. At the time, there was little equipment available in the commercial market that could efficiently and economically accomplish this task, so we designed and built our own CNC machinery in house.

As the knife business grew to include customers throughout North America we made the natural extension into crimpers and sealing jaws, filling a previously unmet need for quality and technical innovation.

Our physical size increased along with our product line, and in 1980 we moved to Beachwood, NJ. Over the years we expanded with several additions to the original building as well as the purchase of two neighboring buildings.

Greener’s First CNC Zig Zag Knife Grinder


In March, 2009 we moved to a brand new facility in Bayville, just a few miles from the previous location. This more than doubled our floor space, providing the room necessary to add equipment and improve efficiencies.

Greener’s product line has continued to expand with the introduction of our patented Easy Seal™ jaw designs, forming sets (provided through our partnership with Kenray Forming), line evaluations, training, and additional solutions. By integrating parts and technical services we help you improve package quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs on flow wrappers and vertical FFS baggers.

Our customer base has grown from that first biscuit manufacturer in NJ to include packaged goods companies, packaging machine manufacturers and flexible packaging converters all around the world.



Through it all, our employees have formed the foundation for our success with their dedication to craft and continuous desire for improvement. It is because of them that you can expect the exceptional when you utilize our products and services.

As the owners of Greener Corporation we are proud to carry on the family and company traditions of superior products, innovative solutions, and exceptional service.

– Ted Wojtech, President
– Matt Wojtech, Vice President

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