Fin Wheels

Greener Corporation designs and manufactures fin wheels for horizontal flow wrappers with the same precision quality and quick delivery as our sealing jaws. We can:

  • Replicate and replace worn or damaged fin wheels
  • Provide custom fin wheel designs to improve results
  • Help you troubleshoot fin seal problems, which are often caused by issues “upstream” from the fin wheels such as product feed, film tracking, and package formation

Fin Wheel Serration Pattern

Greener can match the current specifications of your fin wheel serration pattern or recommend a different serration geometry that improves seal integrity and more effectively drives the film web. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal and cross-hatch designs are available.

Fin Wheel Materials

High Durability Stainless Steel
  • Provides excellent resistance to sealing face wear and damage
  • Prevents rust and corrosion without the need for plating
  • Provides more consistent, responsive heat transfer
  • Prevents corrosion without the need for plating

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