Project Development

Greener Corporation’s technical and engineering staff can help you achieve positive results on a wide range of package quality, productivity, and cost saving projects on flow wrappers and vertical baggers. We offer a well-rounded solutions-oriented approach that provides custom-designed parts as well as a knowledgeable technical support staff that is essential for project success.

Project Focus
  • Single packaging machines
  • Product lines
  • Whole facilities
  • Regional and international endeavors
Project Goals

Greener Corporation provides developmental assistance on many types of projects, including:

  • Seal quality improvement
  • Efficiency enhancements
  • New film qualification
  • New products
  • Package design development
  • Machinery redesign
  • Packaging material reduction
  • Procedural documentation
  • Parts standardization
  • Training
Advantages of Collaboration
  • Receive input on the formulation of project goals to help uncover unforeseen problems before they become impediments to success
  • Discover unrecognized opportunities for packaging improvements
  • Get help solving issues that arise during project implementation
  • Receive assistance with project documentation and help with determining next steps

Project Development is just one part of our comprehensive, integrated strategy for improving packaging performance. Greener Corporation provides parts for cutting, sealing, and forming integrated with our technical service solutions to help you optimize package quality and productivity.

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