Easy Seal™ Jaws

Greener Corporation has developed a full line of Easy Seal™ jaws and crimpers for horizontal flow wrappers, each with a unique combination of features that improve seal quality and productivity.

These features include QUICK-CHANGE inserts and FLEX or SOLID sealing faces, designed for Heat Seal or Cold Seal films. There are also design options to optimize flexibilty, durability, and heat transfer.


  • Reduce sealing jaw changeover times from hours to minutes
  • Improve seal quality with consistent, accurate alignment
  • Decrease jaw replacement costs
  • Standardize sealing jaw and knife set-up procedures and parts inventories across wrapper makes, models, and lines

Initial Easy Seal™ installation includes bases, QUICK-CHANGE Jaw inserts, knives, and anvils

When crimpers are replaced the bases, along with heaters and thermocouples (if utilized) remain on the machine.

New Easy Seal QUICK-CHANGE inserts fit precisely into the bases, so the serrations are already aligned. Set-ups are quick and accurate.

Greener will recommend the Easy Seal™ QUICK-CHANGE insert options that meet your specific packaging requirements for heat seal or cold seal.

Easy Seal™ FLEX Jaw Inserts

Automatically compensate for extra film layers at the end seal to improve seal quality on heat seal and cold seal films.

  • Help eliminate leaks at the fin seal, wrinkles, and corners
  • Reduce end seal fracturing
  • Provide faster, more accurate set-ups by fine-tuning pressure
  • Work for multiple package sizes and film structures
Dura-Therm FLEX
For Heat Seal and Cold Seal
  • Flexible and durable for heat seal and cold seal
  • Dura-Therm material provides more consistent and responsive heat transfer
Kevlar® FLEX
For Cold Seal
  • Superior flexibility for challenging cold seal applications
  • Kevlar® composite offers durability that can’t be matched by soft crimper faces
Bronze FLEX
For Cold Seal
  • Provides a unique combination of flexibility and durability for cold seal

Easy Seal™ SOLID Jaw Inserts

Provide the benefits of QUICK-CHANGE inserts where flexibility is not required

For Heat Seal and Cold Seal
  • Dura-Therm material provides more consistent, responsive heat transfer

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