Standardizing Knives & Sealing Jaws on Flow Wrappers & Vertical FFS Baggers

Do you run different makes or models of flow wrappers or vertical form-fill-seal baggers? If you do, you probably use a variety of knife and sealing jaw styles that you need to keep in stock. With different knife or sealing jaw designs, the seal quality and appearance of your packages may vary, depending on which machine, line, or facility produced them.


Through Greener’s standardization program, you can use the same knife and sealing jaw designs across different models or makes of machinery to reduce costsimprove package quality, and decrease downtime.

In most cases, even if you run a variety of different products, films, and web widths, you have some opportunities to standardize.

Standardized Knives for Flow Wrappers

The knives on different makes and models of wrappers can have different dimensionscutting edge styles, or adjustment methods. Greener can engineer sealing jaws for these machines that use the same knife and anvil design. These standard knives and anvils are typically less expensive and can usually be shipped from our stock, so your costs are reduced.

At the same time, we can standardize the methods you use to adjust your knives. Both adjustment screws and shims can be reliable methods. But in some situations knives can be adjusted more accurately with shims, since adjusting with screws requires greater levels of experience and familiarity.

By standardizing to one adjustment style, you can streamline set-up, troubleshooting, and training procedures. This consistency will help decrease downtime and improve both cutting and sealing performance.

Standardized Sealing Jaws for Flow Wrappers & Vertical FFS Baggers

Since sealing jaws have so many different sizes and mounting methods, it is not always possible to convert multiple makes and models of flow wrappers or baggers to use the exact same jaws. But on your machines that run similar products and packaging materials, standardizing critical sealing jaw design features can provide significant benefits.

Seal Width

Different seal widths affect more than just package appearance. Sometimes a wider seal will more consistently seal off leakers. But when jaws are too wide, product positioning and flow can become problems. The sealing face may frequently impact the product and grow contaminated, reducing seal quality and increasing downtime.

Greener can help you determine the best design for your application and engineer jaws with standardized seal widths for multiple makes and models of wrappers or baggers.

Serration Pattern

Sealing jaws with different serration patterns may produce inconsistent seal quality and require different levels of experience and training to set-up properly.

With samples of your packages and the details of your application, Greener can recommend the best serration profile to use across your machines, lines, and facilities.

Enhanced Sealing Jaw Features

Through standardization you can also make wider use of enhanced sealing jaw features.

Easy Seal Quick-Change Jaw Inserts provide fast, accurate set-ups, reduce costs, and decrease lead times.

Greener’s Easy Seal FLEX option improves seal quality by automatically compensating for extra film layers at the end seal.

When packages are fractured by the outer edge of the sealing jaws, our Fracture Elimination Design (FRED) alleviates excess pressure.

Dura-Therm sealing jaws provide more consistent temperatures across the seal to help eliminate leakers and package distortion from overheating.

Standardizing your knives and sealing jaws will help ensure that you produce the same high quality packages, at peak efficiency, across multiple machines, lines, and facilities.

For more technical tips for flow wrappers and vertical form fill seal baggers, consult the wide variety of posts and videos here on our Technical Resource Blog or contact Greener Corporation. We develop and deliver solutions worldwide.


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