Solving Cutting Problems on Flow Wrappers During Production

When cutting problems occur on horizontal flow wrappers during a production run, what are the best procedures to get packaging lines up and running again and to keep them running? Minimizing downtime, producing consistent quality packages, and managing costs require a balanced approach that includes:

  • Knowing which “quick-fix” adjustments will get knives cutting without causing additional problems and downtime. (Faster and easier is not always the best solution.)
  • Broad-based, Integrated Solutions that consider the entire packaging process to:
  •  Understand how each adjustment affects the whole system.
     Eliminate procedures that don’t work.
     Diagnose and correct the ultimate causes of problems. (Many issues stem from a combination of factors.)
    Implement solutions that help prevent cutting problems from occurring in the first place.

When Knives and Anvils Stop Cutting:

The following procedures can help to get knives cutting again or, if knives and anvils need to be replaced, to refine the installation process. In either case, these guidelines will reduce downtime and optimize long-term performance.


To reduce downtime from cutting issues, make sure all those working to set-up horizontal flow wrappers and keep them running become familiar with the concepts listed above. If you would like help with establishing these procedures for your packaging operation, contact Greener Corporation about our integrated technical services.


Knives and Anvils

Sealing Jaw Cleaning

Set-Up & Adjustment


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