Case Study: Solving Seal Problems with Remote Technical Service

In this “Tech Bite,” Greener’s Technical Service Manager, Mark Green, presents a case study demonstrating how remote technical service can help you solve packaging problems.

The Problem

A customer recently purchased new sealing jaws from Greener to replace the worn set on their horizontal flow wrapper. They sent us sample packages, and we recommended the optimal serration pattern design.

The person at the company who installed the new sealing jaws reported that they were cutting through the end seal on one corner of the package. He was inexperienced with the set-up process and was unsure how to correct the problem, so he reached out to Greener for technical support.

Remote Technical Support

After learning the details of the problem I asked the customer to take a carbon impression, photograph it, and send me a copy. The carbon impression showed that the sealing jaws were level and the clearance was correctly set, eliminating these variables as a cause of the problem.

I then asked if there was any backlash between the upper and lower jaws. The customer was unfamiliar with backlash, so I directed him to Greener’s video and blog post on this topic. Backlash, or free play between the upper and lower shafts, allows the jaws to become misaligned, creating excess pressure that can cut or split the end seal. Backlash can also create cutting problems and can damage the knife, anvil, and the sealing jaw serrations.

I requested the customer to take a short video with his cell phone showing how far he could rotate the upper shaft by hand before the lower shaft moved. The video revealed significant backlash.

I had the customer remove the housing cover and send me a short video of the upper and lower gears. This demonstrated the free play between the gears, and showed a split gear that could be used to make corrective adjustments. I instructed the customer how to loosen and rotate the split gears to remove the backlash.


The result was a successful sealing jaw installation that produced quality packages without cuts in the end seal.

Greener’s technical experts can help you solve a wide range of problems on horizontal flow wrappers and vertical baggers—from the product feed and film unwind through to the finished package. To work with us remotely or on-site to develop lasting solutions, call or email Greener Corporation.

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