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Worldwide Quality and Productivity Solutions for Packaging Operations

Soluciones Mundiales de Calidad y Productividad para Operaciones de Empaque


Greener Corporation will custom design training programs to meet the needs of your packaging operation, and empower your People to improve seal quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs on horizontal flow wrappers and vertical FFS baggers.

Greener’s Technical Support staff posses “an immense wealth of knowledge and really want to pass all of that along to our technicians.”

– Engineer at natural foods packager

New mechanics report that “when troubleshooting they have a better understanding on what to look for.” Others “were glad to have attended the training for a 2nd time.”

– Maintenance Manager

Training Parameters


Greener’s training programs can be geared toward all levels:

  • Line operators
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Business owners



We can present training programs in one or a combination of formats:

  • Classroom presentations
  • Hands-on, participatory, group instruction
  • Individualized skills assessment and instruction

Greener Corporation utilizes a portable training head to demonstrate packaging principles and to provide tangible, hands-on learning opportunities.



Our trainings can cover all parts of the packaging process on horizontal flow wrappers and vertical baggers, and emphasize how each of these functions must be integrated together to efficiently create quality packages. We can help you organize and circulate the packaging knowledge within your organization and introduce new information and skills.

Based on your objectives, topics can include:

  • Film qualification
  • Film unwind
  • Forming assembly installation and adjustment
  • Film drive
  • Creating the fin or lap seal
  • Product presentation and spacing
  • Timing
  • Temperature control and settings
  • Crimper and sealing jaw installation and adjustment
  • Knife (and anvil) installation and adjustment
  • Problem resolution
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Procedural manual development

Packaging Solutions

Training programs are just one part of our comprehensive, integrated strategy for improving packaging performance. Greener can provide Parts for cutting, sealing, and forming and help you identify and implement other Process and People solutions, such as technical service and project development, that will help you optimize package quality and the productivity of your entire packaging operation.

Contact Greener Corporation about the training needs that you would like to address.

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