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Easy Seal

Greener Corporation’s unique Easy Seal™ crimpers for horizontal flow wrappers improve seal quality and significantly reduce the downtime associated with crimper changeover and set-up. Easy seal crimpers utilize quick change inserts that can be designed with either flexible or solid sealing faces for both heat seal and cold seal films.

Quick Change Inserts

  • Reduce crimper changeover times from hours to minutes
  • Are easily replaced without removing heaters or thermocouples
  • Provide precision alignment to make serration set-up fast and easy
  • Decrease crimper replacement costs
  • Create opportunities for crimper, knife, and anvil standardization

Easy Seal Design Options

Easy Seal Flexible Inserts

  • Transfer even and more consistent pressure across the sealing face
  • Help eliminate leaks at the fin seal, wrinkles, gussets, and corners
  • Reduce end seal fracturing
  • Provide flexibility without sacrificing durability
  • Make set-up easier by fine-tuning pressure
  • Work for multiple package sizes and film structures
  • For Heat Seal

Dura-Therm Flex Seal inserts provide automatic compensation for extra film layers in heat seal applications without sacrificing thermal transfer or responsiveness


  • For Cold Seal

Kevlar® composite inserts provide automatic compensation for extra film layers in cold seal applications with durability that can’t be matched by soft crimper faces

Bronze inserts offer flexibility with even greater durability for more difficult cold seal applications

Easy Seal Solid Inserts

  • Provide the advantages of Quick Change Inserts on applications where a flexible sealing face is not required
  • For Heat Seal

Dura-Therm solid inserts provide more consistent and responsive heat transfer than standard steel crimpers


  • For Cold Seal

Stainless Steel Inserts provide excellent durability and all of the quick change benefits

Special purpose Easy Seal designs

Sealing Solutions

Optimizing the design and materials of your crimpers is just one part of our comprehensive, integrated strategy for improving sealing performance. Greener can also help you identify and implement Process and People solutions, such as machine adjustments and training, that will help you optimize package quality and the productivity of your entire packaging operation.

Contact Greener Corporation about the specific crimpers you use and the sealing issues that you would like to improve.

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