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Worldwide Quality and Productivity Solutions for Packaging Operations

Soluciones Mundiales de Calidad y Productividad para Operaciones de Empaque

Sealing Jaws for Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Sealing jaws are not standardized, universal components. When you work with Greener Corporation, we integrate the unique variables of your packaging operation to design and manufacture sealing jaws and help you optimize set-up and your machine environment.

We incorporate your machinery design and condition, product, packaging material, seal integrity requirements, line speeds, and other operating conditions to optimize sealing jaw performance.

This Full Process, P3 Solutions approach, which also includes Technical Service, Training, and Project Development, sets Greener apart from other suppliers.


Sealing Jaw Design Options

Serration Patterns

Greener can match the current specifications of your sealing jaw serration pattern or recommend a different serration geometry to meet the requirements of your packaging operation. Our specialized CNC grinding machinery enables us to custom design or match virtually any tooth profile.

Special Design Features

Custom Designs

Our project development experts will help you create custom crimper designs for many types of packaging projects such as new film qualifications, changes in package size, and cross-platform crimper standardization.

Sealing Jaw Materials

Greener will recommend specialized materials to optimize performance or to provide other desired functional characteristics that are not available with basic steel jaws.

High Durability Stainless Steel

  • Provides excellent resistance to sealing face wear and damage
  • Prevents rust and corrosion without the need for plating


  • Provides exceptional heat transfer and thermal consistency across the sealing face
  • Prevents corrosion without the need for plating
  • Provides a flexible, durable sealing face on Easy Seal Dura-Therm Flex crimpers
  • For more details on the heat transfer properties of Dura-Therm, consult our P3 Solutions Blog

Kevlar® Composite

Provides a flexible, resilient sealing face on Easy Seal

Sealing Solutions

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We develop and deliver solutions worldwide.

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