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Troubleshooting Checklist

Troubleshooting Checklist for Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Answers to these checklist questions will allow us to help define your problem, determine causes, and develop solutions that restore package quality and productivity.

You can provide this information by calling +1 (732) 341-3880, or by filling out and sending the form below. A video and pictorial guide to this Troubleshooting Checklist can be found on our P3 Solutions Blog.

You may not have immediate answers for every question; just provide as much information as possible. We will request any additional details that we need.

(* indicates a required field)

    1. Please provide your contact information:

    I would like to schedule a no-cost Technical Service Consultation:

    2. What problems occur on your packages?
    LeakersCrushed or split end sealWrinkles or creasesHeat distortionOther

    3. On which machines does the problem occur?
    Only one wrapperMultiple wrappers

    What is the make and model of each wrapper?

    4. On which shifts?
    All shiftsOnly or mostly one shift

    5. At which plant location?
    Only at one plant locationAt multiple plant locations

    6. When did the problem begin?

    What changes have occurred that might be contributing factors?
    Film structureFilm supplierProductPersonnelTooling (crimpers, knives, fin wheels, heaters, etc)

    7. How have you already tried to solve the issue? What was the result?
    8. On which packages does the problem occur?
    Every packageIntermittently

    9. If using a multi-crimper sealing head, on which crimpers does the problem occur?
    With every pairOnly with one pair

    10. When you track the problem, on which end of the package does it occur?
    The leading sealThe trailing sealBoth the leading and trailing seal

    11. Where on the package do problems occur?
    Fin seal area of end sealCorner (away from fin seal fold)Corner (toward fin seal fold)Edge of end seal (closest to product)Fin sealOther

    12. For multi-use machines, when does the problem occur?
    Only on one package sizeOnly with one productOnly with one film structureConsistently

    13. Send clear photos of carbon impressions—our most important diagnostic tool. They reveal vital, otherwise hidden details about machine set up and condition, crimper and knife design, and other causes.

    Image (file size limit is 7MB):

    Please e-mail additional photos to custserv@greenercorp.com.

    14. Provide photos and samples of packages, run during production, that demonstrate your problem. Also indicate, if possible, the film specifications and the name of the film supplier.

    Image (file size limit is 7MB):

    Please e-mail additional photos to custserv@greenercorp.com.
    Please mail or ship sample packages to: Greener Corporation, 4 Helmly St., Bayville, NJ 08721 USA

    15. Provide photos or videos of any machine processes or components that are pertinent to the problem, such as: crimpers, used anvils and knives, and the sealing and cutting head.

    Image (file size limit is 7MB):

    Please e-mail additional photos to custserv@greenercorp.com.
    Please send videos with the free wetransfer.com service — use custserv@greenercorp.com for the "e-mail to" field. Files may have a combined file size up to 2GB.

    16. Are your knives adjusted with screws or shims? If shim adjusted, what is the number and thickness of the shims under the knife and anvil?

    17. Using a contact pyrometer, provide three temperature readings from the crimper sealing face — in the middle and on each side where the outer edge of the package contacts the face.

    18. Provide wrapper control settings, if available, for line speeds, dwell, package length, and for the temperature of the crimpers and fin wheels.
    Please Note: Depending on the number and size of attached files, the form may take 30 or more seconds to send. Please scroll down after clicking "Send" to verify the message was sent.

    Thanks for providing this information. Every detail, even those that seem insignificant, provides clues that will help Greener’s Technical Staff develop effective solutions to your packaging problems.

    If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about your Troubleshooting Checklist response, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

    Greener Corp