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Worldwide Quality and Productivity Solutions for Packaging Operations

Soluciones Mundiales de Calidad y Productividad para Operaciones de Empaque


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Greener Corporation provides a broad range of former solutions through our partnership with Kenray Forming Limited, a global authority in the development, design, and manufacture of formers and forming sets for vertical form fill seal baggers.

What makes these forming sets different?

Increased Productivity

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Consistent, quality formers—produced with Kenray’s unique design and manufacturing processes—provide fast, more standardized set-ups and help reduce downtime associated with lengthy, trial-and-error adjustments. You can order new former styles and place repeat orders with confidence.

Package Quality Assurance

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Kenray formers eliminate film tracking problems, improve product flow, and increase package quality. There is no need to settle for marginally acceptable packages associated with incorrectly designed or improperly constructed formers.

P3 Solutions

P3 Solutions - parts, process, people

The Greener-Kenray alliance integrates Parts, Process, and People to provide a broad range of the most effective solutions for all your forming, sealing, and cutting needs. Through our combined expertise and decades of experience we can help:

Forming Sets

Classic Forming Sets

  • Designed to meet and in many cases surpass OEM standard requirements

Snack Food Bag Formers

  • Designed to help boost output and ensure a smooth filling process

Premium Spec

  • For quad seal, doy, and all special bag configurations


  • Lightweight formers for easy installation and changeover

Forming Options

  • Hard Chromed Shoulders
    • to reduce wear
  • Specialist Coatings
    • K-Flow to reduce drag
    • K-Damp to reduce noise levels
    • many additional options
  • Product Blockage Solution
    • to solve bridging issues and increase packaging speed
  • Gas Flushing Options
    • designed for various environments and formers
  • Dust Extraction
  • Block Bottom Extensions
  • Bag Spreaders
  • Integral Cones and Top Chutes

Former Solutions

To learn more about improving forming performance:

For details on all of Greener’s comprehensive, integrated solutions for improving package quality and productivity on horizontal flow wrappers and vertical form fill seal baggers:

We develop and deliver solutions worldwide.


Kenray Forming Limited logo

Kenray Forming Ltd., based in Coalville, Leicestershire UK, has been designing and manufacturing forming sets since 1980. Their sophisticated, proprietary design models for forming sets have helped Kenray become a global leader in the packaging industry.

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