Worldwide Quality and Productivity Solutions for Packaging Operations

Soluciones Mundiales de Calidad y Productividad para Operaciones de Empaque


In the 1970s Greener Corporation was at the forefront of developing zig zag knives for horizontal flow wrappers that cut the then newly introduced polypropylene packaging films. We remain the worldwide industry leader today through an unmatched combination of manufacturing and functional expertise.

Our product line has expanded over the years to include many different styles of knives and hole punches for packaging machinery, all designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your packaging operations.

Cutting Solutions

Optimizing the design and materials of knives and hole punches is just one part of our comprehensive, integrated strategy for improving cutting performance. Greener can also help you identify and implement Process and People solutions, such as machine adjustments and training, that will help you optimize package quality and the productivity of your entire packaging operation.

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