Crimpers & Sealing Jaws

Greener Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of crimpers and sealing jaws for both horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal packaging machinery. We have over four decades of experience providing customers with effective, real-world solutions to help improve seal quality and reduce packaging line downtime.


Specialized materials are utilized in order to optimize performance or to provide other desired functional characteristics that are not available with basic steel crimpers and jaws.

  • Hi-Durability Stainless Steel provides excellent resistance to sealing face wear and damage as well as the prevention of rust and corrosion without the need for plating.
  • Dura-Therm provides superior heat transfer as well as excellent resistance to wear and corrosion without the need for plating.
  • Kevlar® Composite provides a flexible, resilient sealing face on Easy Seal crimpers for cold seal films


  • Serration Patterns
    Numerous factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a serration pattern: product, seal quality requirements, packaging film structure, packaging machine design and condition, line speed, etc. Greener can analyze these factors then recommend and guarantee the proper serration geometry to meet your requirements. Our specialized CNC grinding machinery enables us to custom design or match virtually any tooth profile.
  • A sampling of available Special Features


"All Greener products and services are backed by an Unconditional Guarantee to meet or exceed your requirements for quality, performance and value."

Product Images

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Doboy Crimper Crimpers for
Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Ishida Jaw Sealing Jaws for Vertical Baggers

Cavanna Crimper
FMC Crimper
Bosch Dura-Therm Drum Style Crimper
Dura-Therm Crimper
Bosch Hole Punch Jaw
TNA Hole Punch Crimper
Dura-Therm Jaw
Zipper Serration Pattern
Vertical and Horizontal Pattern Jaw
Jaw with Individual Inserts