Training: Seminars and Hands-On Instruction

Greener offers various training programs designed to help improve the quality and efficiency of form/fill/seal packaging operations.

Cutting and Sealing 101 Seminar

This training covers the fundamental information necessary to better understand the cutting and sealing process on form/fill/seal packaging machinery. This is a classroom type seminar and PowerPoint presentation.

Objectives include:
  • Establish a basic understanding of OPP based films
  • Increase understanding of the basic sealing equation
    (time + heat + pressure = seal)
  • Establish a conceptual basis for crimper and knife set-up and adjustment
  • Improve problem recognition
  • Introduce troubleshooting techniques

Hands-On Instruction:
Crimper and Knife Set-Up on Horizontal Flow Wrappers

In most cases the Greener portable training head (photo) is utilized for this instruction. Learning opportunities are improved by digital readouts that provide instantaneous feedback to adjustment changes. In addition, participants are afforded with an unobstructed view and easy access to all relevant features of the crimper head.

Objectives include:
  • Establish a uniform crimper and knife set-up procedure
  • Increase understanding of each adjustment and its effect on set-up
  • Establish consistent methods to check set-up
  • Improve the critical thought process and approach to troubleshooting

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